Hii guyyss around d world ^_^

Im Arifin from Indonesia :slight_smile:

where are you from??

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Welcome Indonesian member to wemod !

hi ptondo, how are you?

what game do you play now?

Hello. I’m like kinda old school. Borderlands 1 and 2 still love those I usually buy the new games but hard to get into them rage 2 was so so to me metro exodus played for like 3 -4 hours quit. But love wemod love to cheat at games and it’s so easy to use and it works !!
Ya but what you like to play ?

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Nice :grin:
i like shooter game to
I play rage to but on PS 3, But not anymore because my PS had sold😁
Right now Im playing shadow of the tomb rider, but its rarely cause I often play watchdog 2 on PS4😁

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From the US here, Oregon more specifically.
I usually play things like Team Fortress 2 or Garry’s mod but i dabble in RTS every once in a while, like Hearts of Iron IV or the Total War series, or even a few survival/exploration games, like Rimworld or Starbound if I feel like playing something for a while lol
I also have a PS4, PS3, and PS2, however I play more single-player oriented games there, such as Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Dragon’s Dogma, etc.