Hiring: WeMod Video Editor

We’re looking for someone with minimal experience in video editing, but with a good amount of free time to join our team!

The job will require you to take recorded gameplay (we will provide clips sometimes, but bonus if you can record them as we will provide the games), and create a showcase video out of it. (@Travis may even do the voiceover. ;))


  • 2-4 hours per week
  • Premiere Pro Editing Experience (Or ability to learn)
  • Creative Eye

Videos will be about 1-3mins long depending on the amount of mods in the game.

Perks include being a Beta Tester with access to the Infinity Beta build, lifetime Pro, and other rewards such as payment.

When do you start? Asap.

Please message me if you’re interested. Thanks!

Check out our YouTube video for examples:


I can record some footage of the mods if needed. I already have the software downloaded.

I just can’t edit that well at all.

Thank you! I will let you know when we need footage.

Right now we really need an editor though. Once the transition is made it’s a matter of chopping up the footage and piecing them together.

I think I can help you with editing. I just suck at picking music.

I can easily do this if you want, I have Sony Vegas which I am primarily pretty well experienced with. Here is a full set of experience that I have.

5 years of experience with Graphic Design
2 years of experience with video editing/filmography
3.5 years of experience with clients/graphic managing

I have free time basically when I am not working which is only 5 hour shifts 4/3 times a week. I am up for the challenge for sure!


I’ve seen Nick’s edits on his videos. If I had any say, I’d choose him.

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Still looking.


I can help aswell
Have some basic Knowledge on that matter.
Wouldn’t say it’s the best but I definitely got the ability and motivation to learn :smiley:
Just incase no one else wants to help :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be happy only to help…
Definitely have the time to devote and am currently looking for something new to get involved in (would love to give back to this community also)
I don’t mind drawing, sketching, photography or the odd Go Pro session on my Ducati, so I would consider that I have a bit of Creative Eye happening.
I have no Premiere Pro Editing Experience but I am willing to learn and I’m a quick learner (I reckon anyway :stuck_out_tongue:)
Just let me know if you are still looking and even if you find someone I’m still willing to help out in anyway that I can with this project or anything else in the pipe works…

[quote=“Zach, post:1, topic:9398”]@Travis may even do the voiceover. :wink:

I better start practicing

I don’t have any premiere pro experience (would like to learn though), but I’ve done my fair share of editing in Sony Vegas Pro 9-13. I work from home so I have a plethora of free time. If you guys are still in need, feel free to shoot me a PM.


^ 1+, I think the pipe smoker can do a good job

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I know some what of an experience in after effects, so I could try, probably got to get better with it first though :stuck_out_tongue: