Hitman 2 2018

Is it possible to have a Hitman 2 Trainer created?

With godmode, infinite ammo, stealth mode, ect?

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We won’t know if it is possible until the game is released. Once it is has been released you guys will be able to vote for it and we will look into it once it reaches the required amount of votes.

It is released for gold edition owners.

not everyone has that

Some do some not but it is out.

Chris meant released for everyone. not just a few who paid more for the game so you’ll have to wait

Situation like this is why PRO helps us. We need funds to buy games and gold edition is a freakin 100 bucks - that’s like 20 PROs :worried:

Alright guess i have to wait till then

Vote for it

I am downloading the game right now

Downloading now ? Oh then we will see it maybe tomorrow then ? Lol