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Hitman 2, dont work cheat!

Good morning,

I have problem with hitman 2…

run the program (fix crack), but when I select the button to make it unlimited health is not working!

there is a way to fix it?

best regards.

Well if that ( fix crack ) means your using a cracked game then that mite be the reason why. We only support retail or bought versions of the game some cracked games may work and some may not. But we wont fix it if it wont work

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Cracked games will have performance, stability and compatibility issues because they were messed around with. And of course they come with a lovely selection of privacy-violating trackers, malware and spyware. Is saving money on illegal copies really worth your privacy and freedom? Nothing is completely free, not even illegally acquired games, just that you’re paying with your privacy instead of your money.

That said, if you’re not using an illegal copy, make sure you’re using the correct trainer for your game version. For example if you got the game from Windows Store, the Steam trainer wont work on it and vice versa.