Hitman 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hi, Mods has been not working after the new update. Can you help us ?

Mods do not work on current build. Game crashes!

Is it possible to be created a xp multiplier? it will make freelancer mastery much more easy.

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AGREED - it would be a good addition

This is crashing my game pretty consistently.

Had frequent crashes even without wemod, fixed it by capping FPS in Nvidia, setting compatibility mode to windows 8, and turning on Vsync. I read it crashes when hitting over 1000 FPS, the downside of having a 4090.

Game keeps crashing when using the trainer

how to use edit merces ? I dont understand why when I edit the amount
but it indifferent. Pls help me !

only stealth mode works.

Will this mod work with Hitman World Of Assassination?



in Freelancer
Possible to update the cheat to add the “Mastery Level” XP option?

Unlock All base

Hi. Love using your cheats for the WOA. Could it be possible as a sub-option for rapid fire to have all full auto weapons function in semi-auto? I’ve been trying to get a mod for that to work but I and others haven’t had much success.

Unlimited health doesn’t work!!!
Want may money back

Hello! We completely understand your situation. Could you please confirm where you purchased your game from?

Hi. Steam platform

did you start the game first then when you can control the caracter, you go to wemod and press play (maby this can help)

I’ve tried stating hitman with wemod and starting wemod after hitman. Only works with pistols. AR, shotguns, bigger weapon won’t work. To mention that i’ve played only in freelance

Can you check if you are on the latest version of the trainer? which you can check by going to the Mods version under Mod settings. Kindly follow as well the mod instruction for freelancer mode


The edit mercs description says Select a campaign, then activate then abort. Does it mean story campaign and if so do you load up to when you in the map? A little confused since It comes off a little vague.

EDIT: Figured it out! I Had to travel to one of the Freelancer Locations, active mod then Exit to the Main Menu via the pause screen. Then the Mercs where there when I cam back to Freelance mode. Also to anyone readying this youll fail that mission so choose your least liked one haha.