Hitman for pc

worked well for awhile, after last update says “no disc in e drive” and will not start, can you suggest anything that may remedy this situation.

I assume you’re using the cd version of Hitman? If so, does the error happen when you don’t launch it with Infinity?

Sorry i am new at this, the game was purchased through Steam and worked well for awhile. After the last installment of the game was added the infinity program did not work and was asking for a disc for E drive, tried starting game and then running infinity but same message appears and locks everything up.

Infinity was asking for a disk? Can you take a screenshot.

thanks for your response, since posting Hitman has been updated 3 times through Steam in the last 12 hours also Nvidia updated my video card, now the game is working again through Infinity, i am at a loss as to why but happy that it is, again thank you for your time.
What i like about infinity is the ability to use just a small amount of help, just enough to let you complete the missions.
Thanks again.