Hogwarts Legacy Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Make sure Set Player Speed and Set Movement Speed are set to 1

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I like your trainers so much very good. but one big problem for me of this game is the game is freezing every time when I use the gear drop rate hot key it make me annoyed and boring and hope you will fix it in this time ,hope to see it better soon.

Make sure you turn the Gear Drop Rate mod off before killing trolls.

You can find out which mods to disable by hovering your mouse over the (i) icon next to the mod name.

why when I used the trainer, your trainer stop many times, and the option gear drop rate has been crashed till now hope the company can fix it for all players.

Is it possible to get a cheat for beast items to not decrease? Upgrading gear is a pain when you run out of pheonix feathers, and kneazle furs, etc!

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Even after the update, the functions I use are working.

Hello ! There was yesterday an update (Steam version, near ~ 2,1 GB) that update shaders

I saw that they added minor things (like when you make your wizard, you chose the face color, and now there are whiter color than before for example)

But i saw that some cheats don’t work after this update :

  • XP infinite
  • XP multiplier

so could you take a look to patch this ? Thanks

The Stealth Mode isn´t work anymore, too


  • XP infinite
  • XP multiplier
    dont work anymore :frowning:

Since it’s known the collections can be easily bugged and made unavailable by many methods, how about:
Unlock All Field Guide Pages (150, can get bugged and be incompletable)
Unlock all Conjurations (140, same issue as above)

I’d argue Unlock all Traits and some others but there’s not over a hundred of them to potentially get bugged out

The Field Guide Pages may need to be done by sub-area, for example I have “All Field Guide Pages” but -my bug- is in “Hogwarts Map > Library Annex” showing 19 of 20 pages, but even using a video guide there are no missing pages in my game if I visit each location and my inner completionist really wants to see 20 / 20 in that slot.

Yes, this would be awesome!

The Hogwarts Legacy cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hello ! Could you take a look at the “Alohomora Mod” ?

This might be realy interresting if you have a cheat that unlock All dress for example

This Mod only works in new save (new game) and don’t work in an existing save, and this is realy bad

A cheat that unlock all of this would be ultimate

There are 3 mods :

  • Alohomora Mod (All)
  • Alohomora Mod (Cosmetic and Conjuration Items)
  • Alohomora Mod (Spell Only)

Choose the 1st one to get all

This mod unlock:

  • All Spell
  • All Clothing Item (with color of your house uniquely) + All 4 House special dress (the one you unlock when you collect All 16 special coin)
  • All Wand Handle
  • All Floo Flames (Fast Travel)
  • All Conjuration Item
  • All Gear Trait
  • Level 3 Broom Upgrade
  • Talents Menu
  • The 3 Alohomora Levels

Warning : Don’t open the Infirmary (Nurse Level / Hospital wing) before the mission when the old gardian of Hogwarts teach you the Alohomora Lvl 1

Because when he learns you this spell, you have to try it on the door and open it, then the game continues

If you have opened this door before this mission you will be blocked, beacause the door is already opened but the game needs you to open it to continue

You will not be able to continue main story, because this mission is part of the main story

So, I just tried to use the unlock all fast travel cheat to get into the open world in the first mission. I was able to get to the North Exit and sprint at 3.5x speed partway to hogsmeade before falling in a void area.

Edit: Also, can confirm that the cheats that cause the troll to crash still crash.

Wemod has been my salvation for continuing to play the games that I still want to, especially AAA ones. Nowadays, I don’t have the time to fully enjoy an open-world game and complete all its objectives due to work, studies, and other commitments. Wemod allows me to appreciate the map of these types of games and makes it possible to complete both the main and secondary missions, which was not possible before, since some games require hours to finish all their missions.

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Would be nice to increase broom speed a little bit as well. Those races are hard!

Or an option to stop time. Then you could also win the races more easily.

I have seen a competitor of yours has the two options in his trainer. Always Noon and Always Midnight. Would this also be possible for your trainer?

Bonjour j’ai besoin d’aide car j’ai utilisé wemod sur une nouvelle partie je suis bloqué au premier trial en fait je bas sans difficulté le gardien de pensine mais c’est la que le soucis se situe car il n’y a pas l’artefact et la larme de la statu de rackam de descend pas aidez moi svp

alors wemod le fait infinit boost broom mais il y a des mod pour completer sur nexusmod

puis sur nexus tu peux télécharger un mod pour le control du balais a la souris