Hogwarts Legacy FPS Drops


Yesterday before going to the bed, I activated Wemod on Hogwarts legacy and since then I have had a lot less FPS in game.

I even have to lower the settings to barely get 40/50 FPS, before activating Wemod I had almost 100 constant fps.

I uninstalled Wemod but the problem continues, my FPS do not go up.

I would like to know how to delete all Wemod files, I also tried to reinstall the game but the problem continues.

Could you help me ?

Many thanks in advance !!

If you closed WeMod, there is no way it could be what is causing the issue. Have you tried restarting your PC?

Hello’ Chris,

Thanks for your answer… Yeah i restarted too…

I just realized that I had installed the latest Nvidia Geforce Experience update at the same time yesterday night…

It could probably be this, do you know how can i remove this latest Nvidia update ? :woozy_face:

If you don’t want Geforce experience, just uninstall it.

I wanted to talk about the latest drivers update on NVidia Geforce Experience, sorry

The frame drops could also be caused by Denuvo. There have been reports from people on other games that Denuvo has a major impact on performance.

As for downgrading Nvidia drivers, try this - Driver Rollback Instructions | NVIDIA


Hello @PatientQuilt629! First of all, I saw this is the first time you have posted, so Welcome to our community!

Above this reply, there are WeMod staff answers and they gave you all you can do to “fix it”, I’m here just to say something about frame drops on HL. It’s important to know that many people are reporting FPS drops in Hogwarts Legacy and WeMod can’t change your game “enough” to cause a framedrop.

Almost all the time people facing framedrops or crashes in-games (not only in HL) think that WeMod cause it, but it’s kind of impossible (depending on how weak your setup is).

The time developing of six years cause some problems with the engine in-game. Even people with a great setup are facing framedrops, stuttering, and a lock of 60fpsrate (like RTX 3060Ti + i7-12700k, for example) you can look this to check: Optimization Guide | Hogwarts Legacy | Max FPS - Youtube link.

Probably you are facing the framedops that are “normal” in this game.

Best regards.