Hogwarts Legacy

I was wondering, is the trainer going to be released On the 7th for though who preordered the game? Or are we waiting till the 10th?

I believe this was already answered


In order to be able to make trainers for a game, WeMod must buy and own that game. But WeMod will generally only buy the game and make a trainer for it if it is actually popular amongst WeModders.

So in this case, it likely depends on whether WeMod was able to secure a pre-order copy or not.

And you’re probably thinking “well it’s a AAA game, so it’ll be popular immediately right?” - well, no not necessarily. Battlefield 2042 is also a AAA game that came out recently, which at first everyone was really looking forward to, but it sank to the bottom of the popularity charts when it eventually came out.

We’ll have to wait and see!

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I preordered the game for early access and its been released on Steam since 1:00pm today. Is there anything I can provide to speed up the process of adding it to WeMod? I know its already #1 in the queue for games to be added to WeMod so there is definitely a demand for it

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