Holiday Giveaway Day 14 - Ended

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$100 Steam Cash
Number of winners: 2

Xbox Controller
Number of winners: 2


Goodluck everyone.

I do actually need a new controller, my d-pad is no longer working, hope i win.

need some new games for the holidays for the kids entertainment

gl everyone


good luck everyone

Good Luck everyone :slight_smile:

oh a steam controller would be so handy!

$100 Steam cash would be cool.

Just got yelled at by the wife for buying a couple steam games…didn’t tell her about the $120 of other stuff in the cart!

Need a new controller…

Has this already been won?

Assuming this is still on? good luck everyone!

would love a new controller, thanks!

Giveaways go brrrrr

I keep completely forgetting about signing up for these giveaways. Though, I’ve got bad enough luck that I’m not deluding myself into thinking I’ll win, but it’ll at least be nice to try. You never know! (It’s just my luck that: I was born on a Friday the 13th, turned 13 on a Friday the 13th, I’m distantly related to Millard Fillmore who just so happens to be the 13th prez of the US, and I wear size 13 shoes…which I started wearing at the age of 13…so, yeah…there’s a lot more 13 related stuff too, but I could go on all day)

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