Homefront Level 75 (MAX RANK) Mod +TUT | No Jtag |

This was taken from http://www.game-tuts.com/community/f36/homefront-level-75-max-rank-mod-tut-no-jtag-71325/
I take no credit and please do not thank me just wanted to post this here.

Homefront Rank Mod Tutorial
I know im not the first to make the tutorial, but i am the first to mod it to LvL75 (MAX)

This is the modded .GPD

Whats Needed

Your Profile


1.) Download the gpd
2.) Open Modio
3.) Open your profile using the device explorer in Modio
4.) Extract YOUR profile to a folder or the desktop
5.) Drag that into Modio
7.) Scroll down the .gpd list until you find 54510846.gpd
8.) Right click > replace file > swap it with MY GPD.
9.) Rehash and Resign
10.) Go play HOMEFRONT and congrats! Your Level 75!

For the level 75 gpd - -Chris- from TTG
For the mod itself - certifiedsnipe from TTG

Your god! :smile:

And gametuts got it from ttg

Link is broke…

Ya its not opening :stuck_out_tongue:

I found it on TTG, but it just corrupted my profile.

I JUST bought this game too lmao xD

Heres the working link

MODIO :open_mouth:

wow, no games are good anymore

Thanks, mate!!!

link is broken

Awesome works great!!!

Is rank 75 it? Like no more ranks? Really?


From moddinggamer.

:worried:Hope to not get banned did this on my main account:worried:

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dude you copied and pasted that from my post

I would have waited a bit, played it often, or just let it idle overnight

can you get banned for using this?

this works fine gives you your desired lvl 75 and unlocks everything but if you go to stats they have not changed still says lvl 16 which is wat i was anyways and all kills etc stay the same which makes it dodgy as im lvl 75 with only 180 kills.