Homefront - Mods V2 (Pre-Update)

Extreme Jump, Super Jump, Super Speed, No-clip, God Mode, Slow Mo, Lots o’ Guns, Giant, View mods.

Mods by XncsX

b - god mode
lb - slow mo
rb - slow mo off + lots o’ guns
dpad left (hold) = Extreme Jump
dpad right = super speed on
dpad up = Giant
dpad down = giant off, noclip off, next vision mod
right stick = no clip
(i think thats what i had them layed out as =P )

this is pre-update so at the moment you carnt take them online but im working on it.

download - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
password - XncsXMods.info

firmware moded:
open your iso in wx360 and replace Coalesced_INT.bin in GCGAME\COOKEDXENON

on your hard drive replace Coalesced_INT.bin in GCGAME\COOKEDXENON

Downloading now! Thanks!
Edit: File is temporarily unavailable.


When will devs learn…

Good job, might go and download the game now.

When will the online mod be realsed just dont want to mount the iso if it gets updated

Nice. The online ones will be better and much more fun.

Is it safe to play this game online? “without mods”

it needs alot of work on method and might not even work when its done its just a theory, its probley best to just give this one some play offline (remember to remove the homefront update if you have already apdated by clearing your catch)

  • 1 Thank, thanks for sharing :wink:

How would i go about editing these.

Nice audio/video syncs.
What do you use to make your lower third?

How easy would it be to load a file up here with ONLY god mode?

give me 5 mins

rename to COALESCED_INT.BIN when download
havnt tested but should work, let me know if it dosn’t

edit: to activate/toggle its left dpad

all game makers just fail now :confused:

Thanks man, ima see if i can get some zzzz’s on my nap and then test it

No. Their making money.

why you tell cody i was a ***** to you when i never? you were the one coming in screaming **** just after we lost the cP page for the 2nd time. also what went down with you and cody?

This is gay, beyond gay.

Its not fun to ruin the online expierence, its not fun or fair.

calm down they dont work online… yet (except if you have a jtag w/ rebooter then you could easy edit the patch so it skips checks then just use this file)

The game isnt even out yet OMFG!