Homeworld Remastered Collection (Remastered 1/2) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

is there a chance to add unlimited unit cap?

The game is Listed under “Available Cheats” in Wemod but they still wont run, And as they are listed in Available there isn’t an option to request an Update as Wemod see’s the current trainer as working fine. It says “Loading” and then after approx. 30 seconds it says “We’re having trouble starting or finding your open game”. i like Karl4291 before me tried running it with the game loaded and without and it says the same thing. any assistance would be great. Thank you.

I just tried what you said again and it’s working, i am clearly an idiot and i apologise profusely. i think i was trying to load the classic trainer instead of the remastered. Sorry. Hangs head in Shame :blush:

Soooooooooooooo, when will we get some cheats for the GOG version? im really just hoping for an ETA of somekind not really expecting it anytime soon

Trainer works with GOG version, you just need to add .exe manually. I don’t know if it’s trainer or GOG version, but fast building not working on this copy.

Steam - Homeworld Remastered (wemod) Cheats could do with unlimited ships,
instant build does not have this ability. Once the build cap has been reached, all
excess remain in queue. I have Homeworld game on cd, the previous cheat I got for
the game from you still works allowing for unlimited ships to be built. . .
I was wondering if you could add unlimited build or ships to wemod cheat.