Honors Physics?

Okay so I am in 11th grade right now and I just noticed that next quarter or semester I have Honors Physics. I learned Chemistry last year (10th) and I didn’t sign up for Honors Physics at all for this year.

All I want to know is does anyone know how hard Honors Physics is going to be, or what I should expect?

I have not been in school for 8 years, so I have no idea how hard Honors Physics might be. It sounds like it is a new thing nick. Did you make the honors program last year?

Well I mean I don’t really know, but I didn’t choose to be in any Honors classes.

Your parents may have signed you up for it. So I suggest you may want to ask them, I know when I went into high school, my parent signed me up for a bunch of classes that I never signed up for.

Oh no haha I chose my own classes, they had nothing to do with it.

Well I do know one thing though, if you made honors the previous year, the school may automatically put you into an honors class. But it really depends on what school you are at.

Yeah, but I didn’t it is all confusing it must of been a glitch or something. I guess I will just have to take the class and see how I do haha.

Thats the spirit.

Expect math, really. That’s a lot of physics. I’m not sure exactly how your honors stuff works like how in-depth you get but it shouldn’t be too complicated. As long as you can understand the logic behind formulas and equations and **** you should be set. I thought it was kinda easy. I was in normal physics through high school, so maybe that’s why.

Oh great haha, I am terrible at math and I really do hate the subject…

well seeing as when I took ap physics I got a 69 its incredibly boring and hard (atleast for me it was). All we did was watch boring roller coaster videos and and took some tests that made me contemplate existence I even cheated and still BARELY passed. The tests my teacher was giving me were like 5 pages front and back **** was insane most of them were multiple choice but the last page had all these non-multiple choice and i was like bruhhhhhh.