Horizon 360 issues

Hello. I am a new user here and i am looking for some help… It appears that Microsoft have screwed around with stuff and its effected Horizon?
Well, i have followed advice from other threads and nothing works. I formatted my USB and transferred my game save to it, i load up the latest version of Horizon and it finds the USB and all the save game content. I then do what i need to do to my file. But when i insert my USB back in the 360, all it will let me do is format it? What is going on? :confused:

That’s an odd one. Is your 360 up to date with updates?

Cheers for the reply but yeah… Everything is up to date. Its just driving me insane.

Try restarting the xbox and/or using a different USB port

OK i shall have another go tomorrow morning as its 3AM here… :confused:

I turned it on this morning and got the same response. But i swapped the device in the USB ports and it works. How odd…

Cheers again for the help. :smile:

Glad everything is fixed, thank you for choosing Horizon for your preferred modding program!