Horizon Achievement Unlocker Queries

Can someone explain to me what im supposed to do wih this.
Apparently I can’t get banned if I add 10k per day, true or false?
If I mod my achievements will I be reset each time or banned?



If you add 10k per day providing you do not end up with a ridiculous total amount after so many days, you will not get banned nor reset. Under 100k total I would say is a definite green zone, 100k - 300k yellow zone, 300k+ red zone. All in my opinion.

In regards to achievement modding, the punishments get greater with the amount of warning’s/offenses that M$ have on record of you.

Any type of modding, exploiting or cheating can result in a ban.

OfCouRE ThEir iS a possIBILIty YoU cOUld geT bANNED BUT aloT OF peOPLe aLSo dO thIS NOW…sO ITs UNliKeLY aT jUST 10 000

i agree with the majority of the posts, besides if you want to mod your gamerscore keep it at a believable level so that when people view your Bio and what no they see something that they believe is legit :smiley:

yes there is less of a chance if you mod 10K a time

Yea just dont do a ridiculous amount. Thats what I did to my friend an he got reset at like 300000. I only did 3 games per day and nothing happened yet.

if you dont wanna get banned use le fluffie you can add as much gamerscore without getting banned! :thumbsup:

You get banned even if you mod 5G per year, you will get caught anyway

No Im at 30,000G and havent been banned for almost 2 years.

38k GS and no bans.

dont use le fluffy to GS mod i get banned first time

Just be safe with it.

le fieuffe sucks. Don’t use it.

No bans with 22K Gs.

NO bans with 90925… Yet…

i used it while wating for the horizon beta

the thing is i only had 113k but it said i had 792 games played all together

I modded 70k on my friends account ages ago and he didn’t get banned. I’m pretty sure I used Profile Editor 1.5. This was like Feb 09 and M$ didn’t seem to care.

Use horizon, then u dont get Caught.

Horizon was down i used Profile editor 2.2 and le fluffy