Horizon and Windows 7 SP1

Hello To whomever Reads this, After The installation of Service Pack 1 For Windows 7 This error occurs I have tried all 3 options there with no Success. There must be something in SP1 of windows 7 that prevents the proper operation of Horizon. Just passing this along so The developers can Get ahead of the game before SP1 is released to the public.

Thank You

Does it do it all the time or just once?

~ xFamous

Are your right-clicking it, then going to properties and running the service pack?

I cant get Horizon to works anymore…Gives me different errors all the time…

All the time

Yes, Still unfortunately the same problem

Cheater the beater would know a little more of this and he would diffidently beat the living chit out of that pop up.

LuPo <3

I’m not sure why this is happening…

It may be caused by the fix I put in for people who have DotNetBar installed. I will have to test that out on the next update.

O_o Well Hmmm let me think

Thank you for the quick reply :3

Try some of these :

  • Delete and re-download Horizon
  • Run As Administrator
  • Install .NET Framework 4 (Or Uninstall all versions, and install again)
  • Take Ownership of Horizon
  • Make Horizon an exception to EVERY firewall and anti virus you have.
  • Open Horizon and Task Manager, and on the memory tab, it should be around 50,000k used.
  • Run in Compatibility Mode (Windows XP or Above)
  • Check the MD-5 Hash code, should be this “FC6E416E51CAA1E121DACAB4D133E4DB”
  • Another MD-5 Hash code “6ECA7A5AA8F62A98A61EE5373E275E11” This should be what it is when freshly downloaded. For some reason, mine has changed.

Does SP1 have that theme or is that custom? lol

Custom theme :smiley:

hey i have this same problem and i run win 7 64 bit

ive tryed running compatibilaty with every option and nothing, works on windows vista though thats why i bought dimond because it works for atleast 1 computer in my house

Look’s like Microsoft is trying to stop us!

i believe that SP1 has frame work 4 but not 3.5,
uninstall 4 and install 3.5

it doesn’t work for me either :confused: different strange unknown errors all the time

Anti-Virus might be blocking.
Run as admin.

I’m thinking this program is not compatible with 64 bit systems because it runs on my 32 bit systems fine

Nope, I have 64-bit and it works.