Horizon and your Xbox LIVE Account

Lets go over a few things, shall we?

  • Any type of modification to your profile, console, or any other system files is strictly prohibited. Don’t know what all this means? Every time you drag your profile into Horizon and start your magic hacker stuff, you’re breaking the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use.
  • Xbox LIVE can ban any user they want, for any reason they want. Your Xbox LIVE account is property of Microsoft. Plain and simple. Think of it as XboxMB moderators banning people, in the end it’s at their discretion.
  • For those who can read, a copy of the Xbox LIVE Terms of Service can be found below.
  • Use Horizon at your own risk. Nobody is responsible for your ban but yourself.
  • [NEW] Never post anything you wouldn’t want developers to see on XboxMB. Example, if you’re hosting a modded lobby it would be wise not to display your Gamertag. Instead have people PM you and only invite trusted members.

Terms of Use:

More importantly, the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct:

Now whats going through your head? Maybe, “Wait…why would I even use Horizon then?”. Well truth be told Horizon is relatively safe. I can’t say the same about other tools.

Below are some basic notes and reminders:

  • Good rule of thumb is, don’t mod anything visible to others. It’s an easy way to get caught. If you decide to mod achievements mod in little amounts, always use timestamps, and keep your games private so only people on your friends list can see them.
  • Anything multiplayer. Again, this ties into the above statement. Most tools in Horizon will not work in multiplayer, let alone public matchmaking. Tools like the Quake tool will work online. If you decide to use it, do it in closed game with your buddies.
  • Another thing is the avatar editor. Try not to make your avatar neon green. It’s a dead giveaway you’re tampering with your profile and people have been perma-banned for this.
  • Common sense. Don’t lack it if you want to keep your Xbox LIVE account. Don’t mod anything outrageous like a million Gamerscore.

I’m going to briefly explain some tools you should be cautious with:

  • Profile Tool - Don’t put anything obscene in your profile. The Horizon profile editor will allow you to bypass the Xbox LIVE word censor. If you do decide to be rebellious make your profile visible only by friends.
  • Gears of War 3 Tool - I’m not going to even go over this again, but in case you missed it please view the following post: https://www.wemod.com/forum/101-gears-war-series/78772-regarding-gears-war-3-bans-read-before-modding-your-stats.html
  • Avatar Editor - See bullets above.
  • Forza - People are being banned from Forza Horizon and 4 for credit modding, online modding, etc.
  • Halo 4 - Don’t mod a boat load of credits and sign in and play online. Please note, playing Halo 4 online before release may and probably will result in a ban.
    Again, I can’t stress enough. Modding anything online puts you at risk of being banned from Xbox LIVE.

What to do if you get banned:

  • Make a new profile, and think about what you’ve done.
  • Check your email that’s linked with your Xbox LIVE account. (AKA: Windows Live ID)This will inform you why you were banned. Maybe not in detail, but a brief explanation.

What not to do if you get banned:

  • Contact Xbox LIVE Support. They will not be able to help you, they can’t even tell why you were banned. You need to check your email for an explanation on that.
  • Make a thread on XboxMB. We can’t help you. BUT you can. If your ban was for a new tool and you haven’t seen anyone else banned for it you may want to give the community a heads up. But don’t make a thread about being banned for an offense thousands are also being banned for.
  • Post a suggestion for a tool that unbans you. Not happening.

Side Notes:

Please read Fluxze’s thread on Black Ops 2 enforcement.

[NEW] 343 is handing out voice suspensions. Here’s my input on that.Voice is usually out through TV by default when a user doesn’t have a headset plugged in. Obsessive trash talking IS annoying, so if enough people mute you then you get reviewed then a voice suspension is in order.
This has been around since Reach, I don’t see why this is thread worthy though.

[NEW] Treyarch is banning.
That prestige glitch that was able to be done in 6 seconds with the Nuketown 2025 map has been patched. Treyarch is reportedly handing out bans to those who used the expoit.

That’s pretty much it, til I see more **** stirring up.
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“What to do if you get banned:
Make a new profile, and think about what you’ve done”


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if you get banned buy a nintendo Wii

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I would look into the Fifa 13 mod tool in Horizon.

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Hello, I have a question/idea pertaining to the achievement modding. Wouldn’t it be safer if the “Unlock All Displayed” defaulted the unlock to online and possibly had a random variable between each achievement (you could set between xx minutes and xx minutes) so that the unlocks look less suspicious?

Your thread was very informative and helpful

That can never really be confirmed, but we are adding the option to Horizon v3.

Anyone banned for Prestige Glitching yet? Treyarch seem to be slow this time around. Same with 343…

Apparently some bans were handed out.