Horizon Anti-virus problem

I recently installed Horizon. Worked fine for about a day. Re-opened it and got a virus detection from AVG. I listed it as an exception, says file was deleted and just gives me another virus detection whenever i redownload the installation. It does not work when I unable AVG, the program installs but does not show up anywhere.

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Yeah AVG recently started throwing a (false-positive)detection at infinity/horizon.

If someone has a solution for this, please help us! I’m going through the same problem mentioned above.

Make sure you disable the hotspot shield also.

I would do this:

  1. Uninstall avg
  2. Download a new copy of the setup file
  3. Reinstall horizon

If that don’t work,
Search the c: Directory for any horizon related files and folders

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Do you think recommended delete all AVG files present on the PC and then try to install the Horizon again? I’m about to do this.

You shouldn’t have to delete AVG. You just need to completely disable it, there is still something enabled that is blocking it. Go to task manager and completely kill all task related to AVG.