Horizon can't run

Just edit your post instead of posting twice, can you translate it for me?

Horizon met a problem and has to be to close. We ask you to excuse us for the inconvenience.


Nobody ?


Try running Horizon in compatibility mode. This may fix the problem.

here is what you need to do, go on the start menu, then go to help, or help and support, what ever it shows up on your computer, then try and find a part that says system restore, click on that, the go on "restore my computer to an earlier point, then choose a date from when it did work (im assuming that you have had it for a while and it used to work) let me know if it has worked or not.

Okey imitate i try and not work and TXC i try wait thank’s you TXC AND IMITATE

)= don’t work i restore and horizon don’t work… Pleaz help /:

What type of compatibility did you run it under?

No compatibility i test with compatibility and not work and i test without Compatibilite Not work)=

You can come in teamviewer pleaz?


Hi , thank’s you for reply but don’t work i have NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 3.5 2.0 and not work )=:’(

I can not run horizon for some reason every time I open horizon i can not run it can anyone help me?

Please post your own thread and post the error that you are getting on it, you will get a lot more answers.

For now, download the latest .NetFramework from here. if that doesn’t work please private message me.