Horizon Connection Issue

I understand this issue has come up many times. I have a Win 7 computer. I installed Horizon and I am getting an “offline mode” message. Also, I get “failed to connect to server” message.

I tired the following.

Run as Admin
Uninstalled and reinstalled
Turn off antivirus
Disable Firewall
Compatibility mode- WinXP

Nothing above worked. Obviously, I have access to the internet. I am not sure what else to do to get Horizon to work. After I get past the error messages, I am getting a UAC message “if you don’t see all of your connected devices be sure you are running Horizon as administrator”. I have UAC turned OFF. I do have a WD My Passport connected to the PC. I did connect it to the Xbox 360 and format it. I just want to copy XeXmenu 1.2 to the external drive so I can copy to the Xbox 360. I know I can do this using Horizon.

You can’t put xexmenu on your xbox unless you have a RGH at which point you should just FTP it.

I am new to this stuff. I got XeXmenu 1.2 on the external drive. However, when I go to plug in my drive to the Xbox, I will get “File Corrupt” message. I understand I need to JTAG or RGH the Xbox. I don’t know which of the two is easier.

Just for clarification, I want to play Xbox games off the external drive. I know that for me to do this, I need to use XeXmenu and I need to make some type of modification to the console.

  1. Do I have to perform a hardware modification (JTAG or RGH) to play games off the external drive?

  2. Can I just install XeXmenu 1.2 without making any modifications to the console?

  3. How do I copy XeXmenu to the Xbox if I am getting “file corrupt” when I try to use a flash drive?

Yes you need JTAG or RGH otherwise it won’t work.
No can’t install without modifications.
Format the flash drive in your XBOX to make it compatible

Xex menu shows up as corrupted because it uses unsigned code, something the stock OS can’t read.

Jtag and rgh is pretty much the same thing, just pick the one that is compatable with your console.

Essentially you solder a chip onto the motherboard and reprogram the console. You have to be decent with computers and soldering if you want to do it yourself.

Alternatively you could look into getting an xk3y instead.

If that is all you want to do then get an X360Key if they are s till being sold. RGH is newer and is what you will want.

Yes you will need to perform hardware modification as it involves reading and writing your nand.

No you cannot install xexmenu without the modified console. It isn’t signed which means it will just show up as corrupt.

What is the X360key? Does this get installed?

What is the xk3y? Does this get installed?

Which is better and less time consuming to setup, X360key or XK3y?

All I want to do is put downloaded games on the external drive and play them on the Xbox.

This is a dumb question, can I connect the same external hard drive to an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3? The external drive is FAT32. At this time, the external drive is Xbox formatted.

Xk3y is a drive emulator. Use google for details.