Horizon Device Explorer *PREVIEW*

We are FINALLY going to show you guys and gals a sneak peek of Horizon’s device explorer, which will be included in the next update :thumbsup: There’s no set release date, so please don’t ask!

It’ll support every type of device (Hard Drives, Memory Units, and Flash Drives) as well as multiple devices at once! You will also be able to copy content directly from one device to another :smile:

Main Features:

  • Use multiple devices at once
  • Mod directly from your device
  • Directly view and edit package contents
  • Never see a random file/folder name again
  • Supports installed games and games on demand packages
  • Drag and drop injection and extraction
  • Extract files of any size without any lag
  • Horizon will automatically determine the folder you want to inject files into
  • Copy packages from one device to another
  • Automatic rehashing and resigning of injected saved games
  • Save packages to your device from the Package Manager
  • Save themes directly to your device
  • Create new themes using existing ones on your device

The green dot means Horizon can mod the game :wink:

Enjoy everybody!

Horizon Device Explorer v1.0

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Very nice, looks like you put a lot of hard work into it. <3…

EDIT: What is Modio again?

My favorite feature would have to be the

nice… keep up the good work.

That is looking amazing Cheater :smile:

OMFG way to sexy I want now! I like how it shows pics next to every con file thats amazing

jizz in pants… Can’t wait!

Amazing, nice work Horizon Dev’s! Can’t wait to try it out.

Wow that is sweet tits. Cant wait, i want it now!

First page and woot. I might use horizon when this is released.

Finally, no more of those ****ty ones that always crash…

Ohey dis looks familiar (;

Looks very good, I cannot wait.

Holy **** its beautiful

Another day, another rival program shattering upgrade. :wink:


Modio is better

Edit: No, your mother is better. :wink: <3 Lolvo

I can’t wait :smile:

Updated with some featurez