Horizon Device Explorer - Trial 2

I just ran a very time consuming injection test on my 120GB retail hard drive.

I injected a Call of Duty 3 games on demand package (roughly 5.79 GB).

The test was performed using the following device explorers.

Format: Min:Sec:MS

XPort 360:


Over 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Had to cancel.

Party Buffalo:


This makes Horizon 307% faster than Xplorer360 and XPort!

Keep in mind that these numbers can drastically change depending on the device you use, the way the files are organized on your device, and your computer hardware specs.

These times were calculated using:
Online Stopwatch

Comments, concerns? :wink:

Very impressive, keep up the amazing work.

PsycO you ****ing Ninja.

and DAMN! I want those Speeds!

Comment : Looking forward for the release! Very Very nice, I’m very hyped for this. I hope that Horizon can soon take over all the other modding tools

Concerns : Got a ETA yet?

I want it!!

Yes, very impressive, when should we expect to see this update?

Very nice! But when will be the release date?

Very nice Cheater, looks amazing!

Just give the update to us lol :smile:

We will never give an ETA. We’ll just surprise you :wink:

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU hurry up and release teh sexyness plox i want to inject my stuff into the sexy ***** and that was meant for a dirty mind

Suck Up >.> lol

Very nice. Cant wait for the release. Keep up the great work.

Test it on modio so we can lul


awesome job so far cheater

Really impressive.

aw man **** you!! lulululululululululullul
Just kiddin ^.^

I’m going to test with Xport360, then Modio.

Damn, this will be a recording breaking device explorer.