Horizon diamond

This is a silly question but I bought diamond for 1 month about 20 minutes ago and it still says I’m offline. Can anyone help?

Do you have the lastest version of Horizon?

Did you let Horizon through your firewall?

Also do you have the newest version of Horizon downloaded? Download: [b][i][u]Horizon[/u][/i][/b]

Buying diamond does not bring you online

Perhaps your Firewall is blocking Horizon try this

click “Change Settings” and after that click “Allow another app…”

EDIT - Nick beat me to it…darn :anguished:


Everytime I try to it says Internet is restarting

Hmm, if you would like I could try to fix the problem hands on with teamviewer.

Here is a little about the program:

Teamviewer is a program that let’s me take control of your computer to help you with your problem. The program is 100% safe you can stop me from controlling your computer at anytime.

Download Teamviewer

ok I did all of that

Okay now send me the ID and Password it should look like this

Send me that in a private message and I will be able to help.

I sent you a message but im new to this so tell me if you got it

I got the message.

Nick don’t fret about it too much I’m going to try to fix it thanks for trying

This problem has been fixed.