Horizon Diamond

I really want to purchase Horizon Diamond, but my Visa card is like 52 cents short… is there any way at all that I can get diamond for $4.58?


Nope sorry. Just wait till you get 52 cents.

wow i would give you money the problem is i dont have any…

Ask a Horizon Dev or post in ask the staff section.

I have a complaint what is going to buy my account yesterday and I diamon horizon restricted the use of 4 days from one day to another and I really urge to use the mod gow 3 for that reason they buy it, nesesito I activate it again

seriously? you bump a post this old+its not even in the allowed language? get out.

I have a complaint my account just the active user yesterday diamon, and I blocked it from one day to another requires activation of my account is urgent please my mod gears of war 3 buy it for that reason I hope your answer in 30 minutes please thanks

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