Horizon does not open!


I installed Horizon today(25/02/2016) with the installer downloaded also today from this site but it won’t open… All it does is to show the splashscreen and then nothing… I’m running Windows 10 64bits, running the program as administrator and i do have .Net framework 3.5 installed.

Please, help! What should i do?

I solved the problem myself by uninstalling the version i had installed and erasing the folders AppData\Local\Daring Development and AppData\Local\Daring_Development_Inc, and then installing again. I actually only erased the Daring_Development_Inc folder but put both of them in the post to be safe for those who may end up reading this post.


I’m looking more into this now.

Also, AppData\Local\Daring Development is where Infinity and Horizon are installed :slight_smile:

for me it just says horison cant connect to server and ive tried to delete it an install it again and it wont work please help

It’s working though, right? It’s just in offline mode?

It’s most likely your AV or Firewall blocking it. Try temporarily disabling them, and if it connects while they’re disabled then you should make exceptions for Horizon in them.