Horizon doesn't recognize 1T usb harddrive

I have put this hard drive into my XBOX one and formatted it and made sure that the XBOX one could recognize it. I was able to copy a game from the internal storage to the newly formatted usb hard drive.

I then took the hard drive to my win 7 PC and plugged it in. Win 7 recognizes it but in Admin Tools->Computer Mangment it comes up as unknown-not Initialized-unallocated.

Horizon does not recognize this drive under this condition but my XBOX one does.

Please let me know what needs to be done so that this drive is recognizable with Horizon.

Horizon is for Xbox 360 only. There’s nothing you can do to get it to recognize the drive. Sorry.

format the usb hard drive in half and make two different users that should be enough to make it work.

Not true horizon is a 360
Please lookup before posting

Please read before posting. He is completely right as Horizon is only for 360 and not the X1.

WTF are you even saying? You post ridiculous bull **** 99 percent of the time. GTFO foolish child. You will NOT be missed.

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sry just noticed he was referring to x-one. i wont post again!

Feel free to post, just read it twice before posting next time :wink:

U talking to me sir

Yes, that i why I quoted your post…

Ment to quote this ill fix it