Horizon doesn't work on my laptop

Hey everyone I downloaded Horizon on my computer that is connected directly to my router and it works but when I use it on my laptop which of course is wireless I get unable to resolve host everytime. I may be wrong but it might be the wireless connections fault.

I will edit after I use an ethernet cable to connect to my router if it works.

Edit #1 My laptop wont connect using the ethernet cable>:(

Could be a firewall problem, view the thread in my Sig. Follow the tut, on how to add Horizon to the exception list. It’s called Horizon Update Fix!

I have it on my exception list but it still doesn’t work

I don’t know then, PM Cheater912. The only other option I can give you.


Click the link Heerrreeeeeeee, then click rainbow at the left hand side, and it gives you a code, just paste in Sig, or where ever.