Horizon download link (Not cnet)

Anyone have the Horizon download link that isn’t cnet?

cnet is back up though?

I’m not installing cnet spyware to get horizon


Thanks Chris.

Anyone know why its doing this?

You don’t have to install the spyware… I just installed horizon on windows 8 without it…

You are on Windows 8, Horizon doesn’t work on Window 8 yet :confused:


aren’t they releasing an update in a couple weeks? i hate not being able to use this :anguished:

I think Cheater is working to make it compatible with Win8 in the next update.

For give me if i am wrong.

Same and I hope they do

They’re cheater and I have been discussing this privately… Which I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this… But he is working over the clock on getting an update out for this
new windows.

i can’t wait :smile: iv wanted to mod this mc save for like a week :confused:

Just hoping he can get it out in the next week or so its a pain in the ass at the moment because Modio 3 isn’t working and Horizon is down.

You could also try using a different computer.

For now PM me if you need a Save or Profile modified.


Just a notice for people using Windows 8 and trying to get Horizon working.

Spoonstudio will be updated sometime this month, not sure when, but when it does Horizon should work perfectly on Windows 8.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you are on Windows 8, but as Hero said, if you need a save modifying, ask me, hero or another Horizon Pro. :smile:

does it work for windows 10 now?

Horizon has always worked on Windows 10. If you are having issues please create a new thread as this one is 4 years old.