Horizon error damaged usb data

After successfully transferring a save, Horizon froze for a moment, then a .NET error dialog appeared and immediately everything crashed, didn’t have time to see what it said, i’m pretty sure it would have helped here, and now the Xbox shows the drive as unformatted, Horizon tells there’s an error, other programs don’t recognize the drive, FATXplorer tells “FATXDevice.InitializePartitions x USB Device is missing the required Content Partition”, i still have the Data000x files, searched everywhere but couldn’t find any way to recover files from there, so, plz halp!

@unknown_v2 is this possible with just writing a file?

If Horizon froze during the write, then it could have not completed the full write to the file and caused a corrupted DataXXXX file and the system is messed up. Does the USB work if you format it on the Xbox ( make sure to backup the files of course).

The USB works fine, the Data files are the ones damaged then, and the new format is different, no more Data files …and I had an old backup but deleted it some months ago :neutral_face:, I don’t have a way to format the drive with some other Xbox