Horizon error has occurred whilst writing back to the loaded package! help

hey, every time i try to save something it says all the stuff about an error occurring whilst writing back to the loaded package, and that access has been denied, help please starting to hit my computer now its at that stage :stuck_out_tongue:

2014 and no one has even bothered to reply to this guy.

I’m getting the same issue. Though nothing is accessing the usb nor file at the same time.
*Restarted PC
*Reinstalled Horizon
*Same Issue (isnt the first time either)

Are you editing your file off of your usb and next time please provide the file you are reffering to to mega.co.nz so we are able to help you as soon as possible.

I have the same problem is there any way I could get help?

Please help me :sob::sob::sob:

You posted this in 2 threads. And in this case even a year old thread. You should’ve made a new one instead of bumping 2 old ones…

@Chris would you kindly close this one as he posted in another thread aswell?