Horizon Error: Unspecified


I have Windows 10 and I am trying to download a new version Horizon. I have already uninstalled the old version and emptied my recycle bin. I am getting 0.80004005 Unspecified Error.

What do I need to do?

It might be possible that there are still some missing/corrupt registry entries on your system, though I’m not jumping to any conclusion, as of now.

But, use a REGISTRY cleaner tool to fix any errors, if need be.

Are you on a Virtual machine/BOX, or the like, or you are using a shared system folder ? Just asking, because make sure you have full Administrative rights to do any ask (Turn off UAC).

Though, I suspect failed/forced Windows 10 updates can also cause issues like this.

Please only download HORIZON from the official webpage, which is this, and make sure the download file is not corrupt by any chance. Reinstall and download horizon, and run it as an ADMIN:


Make sure .NET framework, and VC++ redist files and packages are also fully installed and updated on your system.

As a rule, though it’s not always necessary, kindly also temporarily disable any Antivirus/AV and Firewall software, for the time being, including Windows Defender.

Turn them OFF, rather than adding an exception of the Horizon file.

Thank you Pdhar,

I ran Malware Bytes and fixed the problem. Program is installed now.

Alright, so now Horizon is installed and I can extract my game file to make changes. However, I can’t added modded file back onto my USB stick. Every time I drag and drop to “Save, Rehash and Reassign” I get the error code: Not a valid CON STFS package.

How do I fix that, please?

and Thank you

What’s the extension of the modded file and how was it modded?

It was for Mass Effect 2 in Gibbed Save Editor, .xbsav

Thank you

“Invalid STFS” Package error may sometimes mean that the item is not a valid CON, PIRS, or Live file. Make sure the file is not marked as Read-only.

Make sure you are adding a valid and proper content file, and check the Profile ID & Device ID as well. Try to replace the .xbsav file with the new modded version.

It’s a improper file if you’re trying to drag certain files they don’t work.

Did you extract the .xbsav file from the contents folder of the ME2 save? If so, then you need to go back to the contents folder, and you need to replace the .xbsav file with the new modified version. I’ve never modded ME2 but when using the Gibbed Borderlands 2 editor that’s how it’s done. Hope this helps.

Thank you Everyone,

For your help. I have to right click on the file in Contents to inject the Modded File.

Thank you again.

You replace the file in the Contents folder with the newly modified version, and then Save, Rehash & Resign. Then move it back to your 360’s hard drive or load the save from your USB device.