Horizon | FIFA 11 Tool Update!

Run Horizon to get the update!
Remember, this tool is free to use! So, share it!


sweet, you think their will be like madden12, nba or mlb updates later?

This has been posted before , please use the search bar next time :smile:

OT: thanks for cool update to the tool devs

Great addition to Horizon!

Great job Devs.

Devs are beast

Request it in the Horizon suggestions section, and the devs will look into it :wink:

Looks pretty much awesome.




‪[FIFA 11] 255 Overall Virtual Pro + More Than 5 Traits + 100% Accomplishment ~ By MattWidz‬‏ - YouTube


you do know no-one will play against you online or in clubs with that overall?

Yes someone please look into this, heard he is looking £5 for it though :confused:


I’m not complaining but is this a rushed release because it was behind schedule? I was under the impression it would have trait management, atts to 255 and the ability to screw with the height. Awesome tool either way, just curious as to what happened.
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edit: It would be nice if there was a number instead or aswell as the sliders because it’s hard to guess where 99 is, in the last version it was easier because 99 was 1 left from all the way right and 128 was all the way left.

ok i have tried the new update but i keep getting this error message. Can anyone help with this problem ?

InvalidArgument=Value of ‘2’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’.

is anyone else having trouble with this ?

@wakeboy i have the same thing

Hi, I try to re-mod fifa and this message appear to me “an error was occured while writing back to the load package, contact a dev etc…” anyone have the same problem?

Hello everyone, I have the same error: InvalidArgument=Value of ‘2’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’.


You should add an option to mod more traits.(y)

Request in the Suggestions section.