Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

thanks for your work.

Has anyone else figured out the hard way the one hit kills also effects enemies and tainted terrain too. Meaning you might not want to activate near blite infected areas and enemies that shoot/ special effect damage such as the ice explosion from enemies. Almost died to blighted area because of it. Lucky it only brings you down to 1hp and has a 3-5 second cool down for damage from blight to deactivate.

A super player speed option would be fantastic. :smile:

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Game crashes on latest version of Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition just released. Beware.

Yes, this is happening to me every time I attack something.

Please update!

Under “Infinite Items” it describes that it also works for materials, but it ONLY works for select materials and not all materials. So, when I upgrade, some materials are consumed while others aren’t.

Thanks @Poster55! Yeah, I figured out that I can travel to a campfire near where I want to go and then teleport from there (plus it lets me do a quick save first so I can spawn back at that location). For new areas I found that you just can’t go too far as you mentioned.

My game is crashing with these cheats after the latest download from Steam for Horizon.

Freeze timer would be a nice add
Thanks for all you do

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when the on hit kill is activated it effects the main character health also


Actually I hit level 60 and needed to turn off XP Multiplier. Sorry for the mislead.

If you’ve reached level 60, you need to turn off XP Multiplier.

This is NOT a complaint, but a tip for others… You can use a controller as well as the mouse & keyboard. This is handy for aiming since the mouse seems to be much easier to aim with.

Can we please get max inventory items other trainers have it, and without it we stuck doing console peasant glitches.

May I suggest adding a cheat that allows you to freeze the timer for time trials? (Hunting Grounds/Arena/etc.) This is a cheat that existed in Zero Dawn’s WeMod list and as someone with severe timer anxiety, it was greatly appreciated. So it would be very welcome in this game, too

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wierd thing today…when i shot a mech or grabbed loot my screen locked up then game disappeared. steam and wemod both said playing but i couldn’t access the game. mod is being worked on i guess, very straange as was working fine before. Ill keep trying :slight_smile:

tried again , if i shoot something it freezes and screen crashes,again it still says im playing -both steam and wemood :slight_smile:
Tries again and it stopped disappearing, maybe it was some wierd glitch , I launched game and played from steam first then started again with mods and it was working ok

Does the unlimited items not work on anything above basic ie. higher end weapon and armor upgrade items?