Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I dont think the shards cheat works. I am unable to buy items as I dont seem to have enough shards even though the shards amount at the top right shows I have a lot of it

Have you thought about trying this method? It might be worth considering.

Thank you for the response.
I do remember seeing this before but I probably couldn’t follow the steps correctly as it didnt work - rather the game crashed out. I must admit that I do get stupid sometimes.
It’s fine as I just went on a killing rampage to get shards afterwards.

My apologies, I just posted the previous response as an info that, the specific cheat didnt seem to work.

Update Please !

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:star_struck: Update Please !

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The game is now in the testing queue. Once tested and confirmed not working, the trainer will be added to the queue that needs updating. You can click the “Notify me” button on the trainer within the WeMod app to receive a notification once we update it.


Yesss would be such a help, stuck on the Sheerside Hunting ground at the moment!

Update please! :frowning:
Free itens crash the game when open some shops.

The Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thank you for the update.

Sorry to complain but shards seems to still not work. If I add any shards or use the multiplier, the counter changes but the balance remains to what I have earned when visiting any shop.

Although If I use “Ignore Item Requirements” everything works fine.

I learned the problem with unlimited shards is hard coded in the game. At some point once exceeding 2 billion shards (I do not remember the exact figure) it locks and you can no longer add or use them to buy things.

So this can be fixed by making unlimited shards be set to 1 billion or so. Frankly a hundred thousand or so should be enough for most people.

why remove the instant kill?

my one hit kill and attack stat exp mod points is missing after the update what should I do

Neither of those mods have been removed. Are you using a pirated copy of the game?

why yes i am

WeMod does not condone piracy and cannot provide support if your game is pirated / cracked. Please support the game developers by purchasing the game.



Yes please a Freeze Mission Timer would be fantastic… it’s really the only way I’ll ever get through the Hunting Grounds and the Arena. And thank you for what you’ve done! Free items saved me from going mad trying to get the Sac Webbing.


Super easy to get hunting grounds done if you know which cheats to use and what to turn off.

Not sure what is affecting this, but a few rare materials are not unlimited such as Dreadwing Metal Fang and Stormbird Cannon. Once I obtain them they are removed, and I am not using the, free items, or ignore item requirements.