Horizon - Guitar Hero 3 DLC Editing Package Info

I’m sure this topic has come up before, but I’m having trouble with this.

I’ve downloaded some DLC for Guitar Hero 3. (Normally, I’d purchase it, but since Activision decided to shut down their online store in 2014, and I was only just now about to get the game, my hands are tied.) I’ve got the files, and they were successfully added to the USB drive I use for my X-Box 360.

However, when I plugged this back in and tried to play the game, it said the DLC was “unreadable.” Shortly after that, I realized that the profile ID and device ID needed to be changed to match my own. But Horizon won’t let me do this.

I’m comparing this to the game itself, which is bought and paid for, and the “Package Info” tab has two options labeled “Manage” and “Change” that I can click on, with my profile name already set. The DLC, however, is labeled “Public Profile,” and the options “Manage” and “Change” are grey’d out. And there is no “Save, Resign, and Rehash” sign on it.

Why is this? Is there some change I can make to these files outside of Horizon to make them compatible? Or is there some other program that might suit my purposes? Or is there another solution required? Thank you advance for the support.

You can’t change those IDs and it work. DLC had DRM and it would take a modified console to be able to play it without buying it.

Ah, so that’s what DRM is. I’ve heard of that. Okay, so I’m guessing my options are:

  1. Find some other DLC file for that content and hope for the best.
  2. Jtag my X-Box 360. I have no idea what that process entails, but I’ve heard it’s helpful with situations like this, but also that it’s very complicated. I’m guessing this is an alternative solution?

Find different DLC won’t work. There is a very small selection without DRM. Jtagging your xbox would be the best option.

Got it. Thank you for the help. I’ll try to figure that process out.