Horizon | Halo: Reach cR Editor - Mod Credits Online

This is the new Halo: Reach cR editor. This lets you edit your Halo: Reach credits! This was recently found by the Horizon Developers and boy is it awesome.

Released! This is now in Horizon, restart Horizon to get an update.

Thoughts? Do you like it?

Good news. The developers are working on a way to bypass the limit, and raise it to something in our favor. (60k) :thumbsup:

If that goes well, then you will be seeing another update.

Figures, developers are getting to smart these days lol. Would of been nice though!

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this sucks i would love to use this

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Oh Bungie, you so crazy.
Possibility of taking them all?
Low it seems.

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I don’t understand… Am I missing something?
If you could only bring 1000 online at a time, couldn’t you just mod 1000 more than what you previously had, go online, mod 1000 more, go online, etc. until you get to the daily cap?

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then even with the daily cap, reset your cr limit and continue modding

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Someone explained how the credits worked on Bungie.
If you never go online (new offline profile) you can bring like 20,000 online but if you go offline on a online profile you can only bring like 1,000 like you said.

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You guys would be okay with doing that? I thought that would be a pain O_o

Can you still keep this in horizon? It would be nice for offline profiles

i was thinking this too

so was i

yes it might be a pain but i would do it!! just for the fact i want my 200000000 or wot ever it is for my lightening effect haha :smile: c’mon bring this into the ultimate mod tool. :smile:

Yeah man, I’d be fine with it.
I mean, you can mod it fairly quickly, pretty easy to do, in my honest opinion. :sunglasses:

If I had a new account, that didn’t play Reach yet, what’s the limit that I can bring online, the first time?

am sure it will still be only 1000 cr

I would be cool with this it would be awesome cmon add it :laughing:

With all due respect, yes, yes we would, a lot.

Very cool. I would love to see this added to Horizon.

Okay, this is going to be added very soon! :smile:

Zrueda, this is just another awesome reason for me to get Diamond. It is just tantalizing me! >.<

If there would be thorough instructions and details about how it works and what it is I need to do to get it to work then yes!

Awesome. heck I’ll just do this over and over again adding 1000 each time!

just to verify,

i mod my current CR by 1000.

and that extra 1000 will go ontop of what i already got?

rinse / repeat?