Horizon has has been giving me a hard time

I have been trying to install Horizon for the past 30 minutes. I have used it for a few years prior so I know it’s not a virus, but I install it and it gives me all kinds of PUPs. I easily remove them and stay protected but it’s annoying not being able to get Horizon and instead getting hit with PUPs. Everyone says it’s not a virus but it seems to be turning into one at this point.

I think you get the clean installer if you are logged into the website.

Make sure you are signed in when you download the program. Otherwise make sure you are careful when reading the instructions on the packaged installer. You can still choose not to install the extra stuff.

As you said, the only thing in there will be programs marked as a PUP. Nothing malicious involved. It’s a pretty common practice online and it’s part of the way we can offer everything ad-free.