Horizon has stopped working

OK, Downloaded Horizon and went to start it up and it gave me a message saying “Horizon has stopped working” Anyone know why this happens? Also i’v tried this solution but it didn’t work either.


i no i get it u just have to waite till thay fix it

If you get Hznasm.exe has stopped working you’re going to have to wait until Spoonstudio gets updated late in this month. For more information, read this:

This is an error that no one has found a fix to. It’s generally known as the Hznasm.exe error. You will get an error saying Hznasm.exe Has Stopped Working. If you get that, you will not be able to run Horizon, at all. To fix this though, you can re-install your OS (Last resort), use another computer, or just wait until the Developers find a fix to it and get it out to everything that is having this problem so you will be able to fix it. If you have this error, just wait it out until the Developers find a definite fix for it.

For the Horizon Has Stopped Workong error, download and install .Net 3.5 here:

Download: .NET Framework 3.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

If that fails, try using the cleanup tool:


That should work!


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