Horizon has stopped working!

I can not open Horizon, then I just get up notification that it has stopped working.

Several who have it like that? or does anyone know of a way and fix it?

Uninstall your current version of Horizon and then download the one in my signature. Post back if that install works

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Refresh your PC (Reset your PC) and once you finish with the refresh re-download google chrome then install horizon again than it should start working again

Horizon will not download for me and solution?

Try downloading from this link: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

You know what, your software and service sucks. I have spent 1 week trying to figure how to fix this ****ty software. I did EVERYTHING that you guys said to other folks. And no **** happened. All it says is “Horizon has stopped working” How about make a video tutorial. Simple. But everything has to be in text form. You guys are just bums getting paid from HorizonMB just for sitting on your ***** all day and not doing ****.

Sorry if this offended you, which probably did. But please… I just want to freaking download 1 Map and I’m pulling my hair out.

So, I have .NET Framework 3.5 and 4
I have Firewalls disabled as well as AntiVirus. I run as administrator. And… No ****. Same ole’ "Horizon has stopped working"
Please do something.

Why would we get paid for doing that?

You call us lazy bums who don’t do **** and expect help? And we don’t get paid, we help because we want to, and because most of us aren’t lazy bums.

So you’ve tried reinstalling Horizon from the link I posted a few posts up? After uninstalling it of course.
Have you made sure the .NETs are turned on in programs & features> turn Windows features on or off?
After uninstalling Horizon again search %localappdata% in Windows search, click the local result and delete the Daring_Development_Inc folder you will most likely find it it. Now try installing Horizon from my link above.
You may also want to try the .NET Framework repair tool, as I’ve seen it work for members with your issue in the past. Get it Here.

If none of this helps let us know what OS you have and any other info that you think might help us help you better.

I have a Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating System.

And when I went to %localappdata% I didn’t find a Daring_Development_Inc Folder.

Check to see if you have any Windows updates available, and take them if you do. That can also cause issues with Horizon. You should also try a fresh install of .Net Framework 3.5 SP1.

delete system 32 its a virus

Can you link me a download for .Net Framework 3.5 SP1?

Here you go: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=25150

And did you check if you had any Windows updates?

How did you manage to come up with all that helpful information you “lazy bum” Steve, I hope you don’t think that you’re going to get paid for trying to pretend to help someone…
“UnknOwnH4ck3r” I would suggest that if you need a video tutorial to install Horizon that you’re the SIMPLE one…
If you don’t know how to operate your own pc try taking some lessons first…
I can’t believe that you would actually expect anyone to help you after you put sh** on the site and all it’s members…
Lucky for you that all of your assumptions are wrong and there are some really “lazy bums” on this site that do go out of there way to help for no reward whatsoever and most will continue to help until you can get your problem sorted out.
My last little grumble will be that you “UnknOwnH4ck3r” have only just joined and are not even a paying member to the site and yet you want the red carpet rolled out for you and to be carried too, try treating people with a little bit of respect and you will be amazed how far that will get you.
I hope that the information that Steve has supplied to you will help you get back on track and operational
HAVE A NICE DAY… :thumbsup:

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This helped me out greatly Thanks!


your not downloading no map with horizon anyway

i have windows vista home basic 32 Operating System I went to %localappdata% and didn’t hat folder

my horizon has stopped working no joke i need horizon to mod so can you help me to fix it plz

It isn’t, you’re trying to trick people into destroying PC’s that they worked hard for, go away