Horizon Help: Failed to connect to server issue

Yeah everytime i open up Horizon i get “Failed to Connect to server” like whenever i sing in please help!

  • I turned off my windows firewall
  • Im on service pack 3.5 and 4
  • I run as admin


  • I cant sing in cause i always get “Failed to Connect to server”
  • When i try to use a tool i get singed out and a message saying “Failed to Connect to server”
  • And when i get lucky and sing in i cant use my tools at all and i just bought diamond and i want to mess with my gears of war 3!

Any help?

Any help? I put in a more descriptive problem

I had this issue i ReDownloaded it and it worked

Didnt work man :confused:

What anti-virus are you using?

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Im using avast!

That’s your problem, Avast!.

Uninstall it, all of it… and install another one.

Most problems with Horizon are due to Avast!, install AVG or Norton ETC.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, disable real-time protection… that should work, although you have to do it every time you use Horizon.

Your Horizon pro for a reason! Thanks it worked :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Avast is pretty cool. If you really like Avast: right click the Avast icon on the bottom right, highlight shield control, then select disable for 10 minuets, sign on to Horizon, and Re-Enable Avast.

Thank you i had the same problem all i had to do is disable my avast and i have no problems now, at first i thought i just was getting screwed over HORIZON IS AWSOME!!

I have the same problem, my anti-virus is NOD32 and my firewall is look’n’stop. The strange thing is i have to uninstall and reinstall to have it to work, each time i want to use. I am diamond member and i would like to solve this issue. Someone can help please?