Horizon Help

So my friend helped JTAG my Xbox 360 recently and when I tried putting Xex Menu 1.2 on my USB Drive it still said corrupted file. So I looked up a fix and the video said I had to transfer my gamer profile to my USB, so I did. Then it said I had to edit the Xex Menu Profile ID and Device ID using Horizon. Well, for some damn reason they are grayed out and won’t let me edit them. Any help ASAP would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.

Excuse my language. I’m just a bit frustrated.

Hmm. Sorry to say I don’t know much about JTAGs, but try deleting your profile off the USB, redownloading it on your Xbox, then put it on your USB again. If it still won’t work then try redownloading Xex Menu.

Again, I don’t know much about JTAGs but that’s what I would start out with.

I’ll try it right now…

Jtag can’t use xbox live. And I just wanted to confirm the IDs are greyed out for the xex thing right

And the gamer profile…

Hmm that is odd, I have not used horizon in a while but are you running as an administrator?


Do you have the most current version?

Yeah i download it from the wemod website which has the latest version

Hmm. Try doing the things I recommended then let me know if anything changes.

Nope. Still can’t change the Xex Menu IDs. :frowning:

And most people would say that I need a modded console. Its annoying cuz my friend actually did JTAG my Xbox for me…

Damn, like I said, I’m not a JTAG guy. Always thought it was too impractical.

Are you positive he did it, and correctly?

Yeah he really did JTAG it…

Yeah I’m getting pretty frustrated over here. I just wanna set up my JTAG :weary:
Thanks for trying to help. Hopefully someone who knows more about JTAG will show up in this thing.

Someone, who is good with JTAG stuff, PLEASE HELP