Horizon | How to Mod Tomb Raider!

How to Mod Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider is available to anyone!

Download Horizon! (Click Image above.)

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1. Move your Tomb Raider save from your Xbox 360 HDD (Main Hard drive) to your USB.

2. Open Horizon with your USB inserted into your Computer. If your USB doesn’t recognize, run Horizon as Administrator! (Download Horizon here.)

3. Go over to Horizon’s Device Explorer (Located on the right hand side) and then double-click on ‘Games’:

Not double-clicked:

Open Me


Open Me

4. Look for ‘Tomb Raider’:

Double-click on Tomb Raider then select the save you’d like to modify:

Go ahead and click on the ‘Mod’ button, , and the editor will come up:

In this editor, you can edit many things such as your Salvage, Skill Points, and ammunition.


Salvage: Each gear upgrade requires a certain amount of Salvage to be spent on it. Salvage can be found in many different ways from collecting it from a box to using a piece of gear to retrieve some. For example, using the “Torch” to burn down nets to release the crate, allowing Lara to loot it manually.

Skill Points: Skill points can be spent on skills, which improve various aspects of Lara Croft’s abilities. Along with Gear and its associated Salvage points, Skills form the upgrade system of the game.

Arrows: Ammunition for the specified weapon.

Handgun: Ammunition for the specified weapon.

Rifle: Ammunition for the specified weapon.

Shotgun: Ammunition for the specified weapon.

[u][/u]Specific Skills[b][/b]

You have three main types of skills; Survivor, Hunter, and Brawler.
These come with many different little skills.


[details=Open Me]Animal Instincts | Tier 1

Description: Keen observation allows you to spot hard-to-find animals and food sources.

Use: Press [Survival Instinct] to activate survival Instincts to see animals and food glow.

Survivalist | Tier 1

Description: Earn extra rewards when looting animal corpses and food caches.

Use: Loot animal corpses and food caches for extra XP.

Advanced Salvaging | Tier 1

Description: Thoroughly search crates and caches to find extra salvage.

Use: Collect extra salvage from crates and other sources.

Bone Collector | Tier 1

Description: Carefully looting animal corpses will reward you with extra salvage.

Use: Collect salvage when looting animal corpses.

Arrow Retrieval | Tier 1

Description: Resourceful archers can recover arrows from the bodies of enemies.

Use: Loot an enemy or animal killed with the bow to retrieve arrows.

Scavenging | Tier 1

Description: Requires Arrow Retrieval. Spotting hidden pockets on enemy corpses will reward you with extra ammunition.

Use: Loot an enemy corpse and receive extra ammunition.

Climber’s Agility | Tier 2

Description: Increase your climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed and resist falling damage.

Use: Press [Scramble] when landing from a hard fall to reduce damage - also increases climbing speed.

Orienterring | Tier 2

Description: Use your keen perception to find hidden rewards in the environment.

Use: N/A

Cartography | Tier 3

Description: Orienteering required. All tomb entrances and map locations will be revealed on your map.

Use: N/A[/details]


[details=Open Me]Steady Shot | Tier 1

Description: A focused mind allows you more time to aim deadly shots with your bow.

Use: Hold charged bow shots for double the time.

Ammo Capacity | Tier 1

Description: Efficient use of bags and pockets allows you to carry more ammunition.

Use: Increases total extra ammunition you can carry for all weapons.

Heavy Lifter | Tier 2

Description: Ammo Capacity required. Your increased strength allows you to carry the maximum amount of ammunition.

Use: Maximizes total extra ammunition you can carry for all weapons.

Ammo Capacity | Tier 2

Description: Eliminate your enemies with finesse to earn greater rewards

Use: arn extra XP with headshots, Finishing moves and stealth kills

Bow Expert | Tier 3

Description: Stab enemies at close range with your arrows for extra rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticle.

Use: N/A

Pistol Expert | Tier 3

Description: Execute enemies at point blank range for extra rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticle.

Use: N/A

Machine Gun Expert | Tier 3

Description: Unload your rifle at close range to brutally finish enemies and earn bonus rewards.

Use: N/A

Shotgun Expert | Tier 3

Description: Blast enemies with the shotgun at close range to stop them in their tracks and earn extra rewards.

Use: N/A[/details]


[details=Open Me]

Pain Tolerance | Tier 1

Description: Withstand more punishment in combat and live to fight another day.

Use: Take more damage before dying.

Dirty Tricks | Tier 1

Description: Cleverly use dirt and rocks to blind enemies and leave them vulnerable to your attacks.

Use: Press [Scramble] to scramble and then [Melee] to throw dirt in enemies’ eyes to blind them briefly.

Axe Strikes | Tier 2

Description: Deliver two swift strikes with your climbing axe to stun your enemies.

Use: N/A

Axe Expert | Tier 2

Description: Axe Strikes required. Use your climbing axe to deliver a deadly, stunning blow to your enemies.

Use: Press [Melee] to finish stunned enemies with the axe.

Dodge Counter | Tier 2

Description: After dodging an enemy, stab them in the knee with an arrow to cripple them and leave them Vulnerable to killing blow.

Use: Press [Scramble] to dodge them time [Melee] press to match ring prompt reaching button icon to stun enemies with an arrow to the knee.

Dodge Kill | Tier 2

Description: Dodge Counter required. Skillfully dodge lightly armored opponents and then strike them at close range to kill them instantly.

Use: N/A

Dodge Kill Mastery | Tier 3

Description: Dodge Kill required. Striking after dodging becomes even more deadly, allowing you to kill almost any enemy.

Use: N/A[/details]

To modify a value, either select the type box to edit or press up or down on the arrows:

You can also ‘Max’ a value. To do this, hit the following:

The highest the Skill Points can go is 2147483647 and the highest everything else can is 32767.

With all of the values maxed, it looks like this:

4. Once you’re finished modding to your liking, hit save, , and move your USB back to your Xbox. If you did not have it on your USB and loaded it from another specified folder, simply go over to Device Explorer, hit “Inject New File”, , select your save, than hit OK. That button is up near the top:

Enjoy your newly modified save!


Very descriptive to say the least. Great work on the tutorial and I hope to see more when new editors are released. Very well done Pavman!

Now if only the horizon team could do what eidos cant & fix the bloody beach progress bug :-/ sure there must be a way to revert/restart a mission?

this toll mod in inf ammo or max ammo?

32767 is the max amount of ammo you can have for 1 gun, looking at pictures of the editor. So it’s not infinite, but will seems that way.

for me mod only for max arrow max 30 gun max 20
i mod file in 32767 ammo at the start game i have only max ammo not 32767
thx and sorry my bad english i speak only italian
ps i start 2 new game same result

Try clearing the System Cache on your console to remove updates on the game which may be causing issues. I’ve never actually played/or used Toom Raider and the Editor. I’m going purely off the pictures of the editor.

i try and not work for me, skill point and salvage point work,for ammo mod only for max ammo and not for 32767 ammo