Horizon | How to Mod Your Far Cry 3 XP, Level, Abillities, and More!

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1. Start by Moving your Far Cry 3 Saved Game to a USB from your HDD.

(How to move your Save to a USB from your HDD)

[details=Open Me]Reminder: I am using a Halo 4 Game Save as and example.

• From your dashboard go to System Settings, Storage, once done locate “Hard Drive”

• Scroll down till you find Far Cry 3.

• Once you have selected your Save, locate and select “Move”

Example: Saved Game

• It should give you the option to select another device, make sure to move the save to your USB, once done it should look something like this.

• Make sure your Save moved successfully to your device.


2. Open your USB in the Device Explorer in Horizon.

(How to format your device to work with your Xbox and Horizon)

[details=Open Me]• From your dashboard go to System Settings>Storage and locate your USB Storage Device.

• Once you have chosen your USB Storage Device, it should give you two options.

Option 1: Configure Now

Option 2: Customize

• Select Option 1 ( Configure Now )

Note: Make sure you have moved any Game Saves, Profiles back to your HDD before Configuring!

• Once you successfully configured your Device a message should pop up.

• Your device is now ready to be used with your Xbox 360 and Horizon!


3. Once done open your “Games Folder” select your game save, hit the mod tab, and select

Note: Once done the editor should open up.

Player Abilities/Components

Here you can choose to have a skill.

Skills are divided into three main categories:

• The Heron skill tree deals with long range takedowns and mobility.

• The Spider skill tree deals with stealth takedowns and survival.

• The Shark skill tree deals with assault takedowns and healing.

Note: Skills, when unlocked, will be represented on your arm in the form of tattoos.

Open Me

Here you can edit your Upgrade Levels!

Note: Also known as Upgrade Points!

You can edit the amount of XP you currently have to progress to the next level

Max Bar XP: 120

Note: Make sure to edit your XP for every time you edit your Level.

Here you can edit your current level.

Reminder: I am not sure, but the highest level mite be 52.

Here you can edit the Total XP you currently have, XP will give you more abilities and allow you to use the world around you!

Note: Make sure to add XP every time you want to add a level.

Max XP: 153120 for Level 52

Here you can edit your Progression Level, this may unlock Skill Points!

Note: 4 for each Level.


Here you can choose to automatically reload your gun when needed, or swap weapons when gun is out of ammunition.

Note: No need to select the ‘AutoReload’ if you are going to choose to have unlimited ammunition.

Here you can choose to have Unlimited Ammunition for your weapons.

Here you can edit the amount of items you can hold that you looted throughout the game, you can sell them to buy more stuff for yourself.

Max Amount: 96

Note: The max amount only applies if you have the rucksack fully upgraded.

Here you can edit the amount of money you can hold.

Max Amount: $10000

With your money you can buy things like Weapons, Body Armor etc.


Here you can the amount of Gun Slots!

Max amount: 4


Here you can edit the amount of Money you have in the game!

Max Amount: 99839654

Once you edited everything to your pleasing, select the tab.

Move your Save back to your HDD, and your done, enjoy Horizon!

[details=Open Me]Thanks to the following for making this happen.


Unknown v2


Thanks to Youngy and Diamond Supply for helping me make this thread![/details]

Nice job Hero, was creating this thread myself cause I thought you guys weren’t gonna make it :stuck_out_tongue: anyways again nice job :smile:

Very nice tut as always, I would spread the “notes” out some to keep it looking organized, it seems a little cluttered.

Other then that it look’s good.

Very clean organized great job!

very nice thread Hero, good tut :smile:

do you know if Horizon supports PC farCry3 gamesaves?

There are PC editors out there, along with trainers for PC which give you a lot more options then this editor(Due to it being on PC). If you need a link to a trainer i can provide you with one.

Great job Hero! Thanks for including me. :smile:

Awesome work yet again :thumbsup:

Great job Hero, very detailed.

Great job Hero! I can’t wait to buy this game, and when I mod it, this will definitely help!

Okay Im kinda stuck on how to do the player progression on the editor. can anyone explain cause thats the only part i dont know how to do or understand.

Progression Level let’s you unlock Skill Points, so add around 2-4 and you should fine.

Note: With Skill Points you can upgrade your player’s abilities, such as the ability to shoot a handgun while sliding down a zipline.

okay but i did the available upgrade levels and it added the points to use to upgrade my abilities. is there something on the editor that unlocks all my abilities, JW ???

Not at the moment.

Feel free to make a suggestion here.

Please use the correct format before making a suggestion.

Tool's Name or Add On:

Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible):

Why It Should be in Horizon and How it Relates to Modifying the Xbox 360:

Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)?

Additional Comments:

Okay thanx Ill just do more missions and unlock the rest.

longer works

Thanks for the FC3 thread looks perfect for those noobies! lol jk but yeah good work sir.

Great work… thanks for all the effort… Good stuffs… Can’t wait to get the game and mod it … Anyway any tool or option towards player health? Thanks

Just tried editing my save to re-enable unlimited ammo. That option seems to turn itself off after certain quests are completed. Got this error:

Any help? I tried restarting the program, unplugging and replugging my hard drive, restarting my computer with no luck.

So I did a little research, try this: https://www.wemod.com/forum/80-xbox-360-modding-discussion/133516-far-cry-unlimited-ammo-problem.html

I hope that helps you.