Horizon | How to Mod Your Halo 4 Campaign!

Download Horizon!

Go Diamond!

1. Start by Moving your Halo 4 Saved Game to a USB from your HDD.

Note: Remember to move your “Saved Game” and not Data.

2. Open your USB in the Device Explorer in Horizon.

3. Once done open your “Games Folder” select your game save, hit the mod tab, and select

General Object Values

Object Coordinates lets you choose where you spawn in the mission

Note: Should not be messed with unless you know what you are doing, you can easily spawn outside the mission and mess the mission up.

Example: X=-66, Y=53, Z=15.85, you can easily boost Campaign Commendations if you know the right Coordinates for that mission.

Here you can edit the amount of Health/Shields you have in the mission.

Max Shield/Health Multiplier: 150

Note: You can easily Max out your Shield/Health, Ammo, Grenade Count by selecting.

Biped Object Values

From here you can see your Primary and Secondary Weapon, and can change them to your pleasing.

Note: Not sure if it works this way but, it should be something like this.

Example: assault_unsc_rifle, energy_covenant_sword, stickey_unsc_detonator etc.

Select to edit your Ammunition, Clips, Battery Percentage.

Battery Percentage: Storm Rifle, Beam Rifle, Machine Gun Turrets.

Here you can edit your Grenade count for the following grenades Plasma, Frag, Pulse.

Max Grenade Count: 127

Note: You can max out your Grenade count by selecting.

Here you can see and edit your Armor Ability.

Note: Not sure if it works, but it should work like this.

Example: forerunner_ Promethean_vision, forerunner_autosentry etc

Once done, hit the tab.

Move your Halo 4 Saved Game back to your HDD, and your done enjoy Horizon!

Video Tutorial coming soon.

[details=Open Me]Halo 4 Credit editor.


Ultimate Halo 4 Thread.


Thanks to the following for making this happen.


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Very nice tutorial, It is mostly common sense to mod the campaign but good job Hero!

Should help tons or people that are just starting out with modding.

haha I didn’t even know about this tool, doesn’t look as simple as the other tools on Horizon so I probably would of confused. This tool actually better than Liberty.

Nice thread Hero!

Like he said, it looks more difficult than the other campaign editors.

I love horizon <3 thank you

Very good tutorial thanks hero and the dev team keep up on the amazing work

Great tutorial as always Hero!

Great tutorial

I’ll try the editor out in a bit. I’m on the third mission on legendary solo at the moment

Although this has more options, I don’t see why this editor requires me to pay for diamond to use it when Liberty is free.

this will come in handy, when i get the game

Lol you can’t even use it.

Lol I can’t even use it either.

guess there was a silent update that took away the unlimited ammo and 127 nades. the only thing that works now is God. hope we can get a fix for this.

Seems like god doesn’t even work at all anymore.

how do u changes the weapons and make them stick i want a dmr and a light rifle on mission 4 infinity but everytime i try and change the weapons and save it it goes right back the assualt rifle and magnum any ideas

Try typing this in.

DMR: dmr_unsc_rifle

Light Rifle: light_promethean_rifle

HERO when do you have the right Coordinates for the mission? are they different for each mission?

Is there way to do this to Spartan Ops somehow

Yes, they should be different.

Is there way to do this to Spartan Ops somehow

No sir, feel free to make a suggestion here.

Please use the correct format before making a suggestion.

Game Title:

Game ID:
(This can be found using the Title ID Finder in Horizon. Tools > Title ID Finder)

Mods Wanted:

[b]Attach two saves[/b] extracted from the CON File, if you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.

Additional Comments:(If the Game has Gold/Money or something similar, please included how much, make it a lot easier.)

Are there any GPD mods available to mod Spartan Ops progress then?

Just tried using Invincibility and Max Ammo, neither worked. Followed tutorial exactly as it’s pretty self explanatory. Any reason it isn’t working?

I recommend making a new checkpoint at a different location, once done modify your campaign again.