Horizon | How to Mod Your Halo 4 XP, Spartan Points, and More!

Download Horizon!

Go Diamond!

1. Move your Profile from your HDD to a USB from your Xbox 360

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explore from Horizon

3. Open your Profile in the Halo 4 Profile Editor

XP/Spartan Points

Here you can edit the amount of Credits and Spartan Points you can receive in the game.

Note: You can add 250,000 XP the first time you connect to Xbox Live, and 10,000 XP daily if you plan on connecting to Xbox Live, as far as the Spartan points I recommend only taking one at a time.

Loadouts/Spartan Armor

From here you can unlock Spartan Armor like Locus, Fotus, Dead eye etc, including load outs like Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle as well as the skins.

Note: This part of the editor now works online!


From here you can edit all 4 of your loadouts.

Example: Primary Weapon, Grenade, Armor Ability etc.

Note: This currently works online, but make sure to not edit loadouts that you have not unlocked in the game, remember to select to edit your other 4 loadouts!

Note: Loadout 0 is actually Loadout 1.


From here you can choose a mission to either be unlocked Solo or Co-Op and on Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary difficulty.

Note: Remember to select for the list of missions.

Once done, Hit the tab.

Move your Profile back your HDD, and your done. Enjoy Horizon!

[details=Open Me]Thanks to the following for making this happen.


Unknown v2


So that’s how you use the editor

Is it really so hard that you need to make a tutorial for it?.. Quit trying to get your beloved HPro back.

Is it diamond only?



everything is straight forward. even says how many you can mod a day and first time playing it online right on the tool…

Thanks for sharing this anyways even tho it’s pretty easy but i’m sure there are those certain people who are really that dumb to not know what to do lol.

It’s here for the search results guys… just like the Fifa 13 editor or whatever.

Thanks for the TUT its great. I really want to use this for Halo.

Probably a dumb QQ, but here goes:

When do you add the first 250k, before loading Halo 4 for the first time or do I have to wait until I’ve loaded the game once so it’s data is in my profile?

Just thought of this. Can I use the game adder to add Halo 4 then go ahead with the 250k addition?

EDIT: Game adder doesn’t have Halo 4, or even Halo Reach for that matter, should be updated?

It tells me that i have not played the game yet

You must have played the game first, start up the game while not connected to Xbox Live, then try modifying your credits.

Note: You can add 250,000 credits the first time you connect to Xbox Live, and 10,000 credits daily if you plan on connecting to Xbox Live.

rhank you man your awesome!

I know this question gets asked allot, but, what are the chances of being banned, if you add that first 250k credits? I mean, it’s hard for them to prove that you modded it, if it’s your first time online…

Please can you explain this bit a little more, I have diamond. I do not have Halo 4 yet but where is the editor. I cannot seem to find it. i see halo 3

I will link an image below. I thought it would show here but it doesn’t so where exactly do i go?

Im new to modding so please help a newbie out

This is where i thought it would be - Screenshot - 89448db794c3c64f473132f038700327 - Gyazo

The editor is located under the ‘Profile Mods’ tab.

this editor is not working for me does it work for anyone else?
i am following the instructions you left so i am sure i am doing it right but when i go into halo4 there’s nothing new or my profile gets corrupted

Make sure you are only adding 10,000 credits a day if you are planning on connecting to Xbox Live, if your profile is corrupted then delete your profile and recover the profile.

Should i start up halo 4 without connecting to xbl first and then mod the 250k?

Hmmm…question, I have played the single player(disc 1) online, but I haven’t added the second disc yet, can I still add the 250k or am I to late?