Horizon = Ingame Model Unpacker & Repacker?

I would like to know how to edit character models on xbox360 with Horizon, is it possible or do i need to search elsewhere to find this certain tool? Cause almost all Xbox360 mod tools just edit your save files and thats about it. That can be really depressing.

Your question is unclear…WHAT “character Models” are you referring to?

yea, need to know what game you are talking about among other things

Skykotik and Hawk: I Mean like Sonic unleashed, Sonic 06 etc.

I don’t think it is possible to do what you are wanting to do

Yeah i guessed that much. I just wondering if anyone went far enough to find it or remember it from long ago. Or maybe there is no such thing at all.

Most programs only let you edit save files because they’re the only type of file the console will load after being edited. Making edits to other types of files will make them show up as corrupted.

If so, How did Melptrono (may have typed the name wrong) A modder of games edit his Sonic files changing the model completely?

(And yes i do know about the pc version of games, But this is console only like the topic at hand.)

He could have a JTAG/RGH console and used another program to edit the file.

What’s a JTAG/RGH console? Are they legal?

They are legal, but you can’t use them on Xbox LIVE. They are hacked consoles that are typically modified to disable the signature checks of the files Horizon doesn’t allow you to edit.