Horizon iOS/Android Application?

Ok, I have been thinking this out lately, And it seem’s good.
Only problem is that it would take a lot of money and hard work.

This is only a basic idea, Not that it would ever be put to use.

So, It’s a simple “Free” Application allowed for download on iOS And Android.

The application contains “Starter” savegame files to be downloaded.
EG. Oblivon (In the Sewers)

The gamesaves available to download are them of which are able to be modded within the PC Version.


  • Oblivion- GTA: IV- The Saboteur- Brink

And so on.
These gamesaves are all from the start of said game.

Once the game is picked, A simple, Friendly interface open’s up with the Modding options in the PC Version.

You would edit the save to your liking and then Choose a save option.
This would then be uploaded to a website/part of the forum where you can goto and find your modded savegame.

This also allows user’s to download others savegames aswell.

Thanks for reading

  • Jackson

That would be pointless IMO.
We have the forums and Horizon itself for this, Now why would we need an app?

For On - the - Go use.

It’s only an idea.
Don’t flame.

There will be a save sharer in Horizon.

Wouldn’t it be easier to get on your computer, download the save, mod it, then play it? Not have to use your phone?

On the go but you can’t play the modded save…

It is pointless. Download a savegame just mod it then reupload it to the site. Yeah I don’t see the point in it.

On-The-Go… You still need a computer to redownload the save to put it on your usb

I think it would be worthwhile. I live in an area where a computer is actually useless except for a paperweight and I use my android for everything, I have a USB charger, so I could send a fame save from my Xbox to my phone easily its just that my phone can’t. open or use the standard download. I believe this would be useful and if it could work offline like the real deal.
I know that this is a pretty late post, but if you think its possible, I’m pretty sure it would get a pretty fair amount of downloads… probably not as much as Facebook but stranger things have happened

Would be nice with an OTG cable. I don’t think it’s worth the time to port all the libraries to Java though :S

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It would be cool for someone who helps out alot. Download of forum onto phone then edit then upload again all while waiting for a bus :stuck_out_tongue:

What if your phone is your m/u or hdd like mine? Then it’s easy access to users like me who don’t have access to a computer. No need to switch the file’s place, just disconnect your phone from the system, mod/download a file(s) and plug your phone back in. Usb would be obsolete in the situation. Cuts out the middleman, no need for extras like an OTG cable

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