Horizon is offline won't Connect

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What AV and Firewall are you using?

Not sure what AV is… I am running Vista an Mcafee an Malware bytes

Vista? Wow, didn’t know it was 2007 :laughing:

Jokes aside.

AV is Anti Virus, some will falsly identify Horizon as a virus and block its internet communication.

Make sure Horizon is allowed through your firewall.

Control Panel > Firewall and look for blocking or programs allowed through, and either add Horizon as allowed, or as an exception to firewall blocking.

But seriously though, time to upgrade

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Yep lol Thanks…Anti Virus is AV Strike not McCafee… i did switch it to allow it but it is still running offline an won’t connect to the server…

Did you check your firewall?

Are you using the latest version of the software?

Is there an error log you can check inside the program version you’re using?

I did unblock it from my firewall…i did re download horizon tonight…it does error failed to connect to the server…

but i dont know where to log for an error log.

Well at least he isn’t using Windows XP like most people, lmao

@Petrifying Windows 10 > Windows 8.1 (for security and Direct X enhancements) > Windows 7 >Windows XP > Windows Vista

i don’t understand what are you telling me…

@REGGIE12 I was replying to Petrifying.

ok…i still can’t connect…

I still am unable to connect to the server on Horizon stills says I am offline with my firewall completely turned off…Any suggestions???

@REGGIE12 Since you’re on vista, check if it’s a supported platform for Horizon now - I’m not sure if it is.

Does an error windows crop up?

When I go to open it…it will run thru everything an it says unable to connect to the server an it will open up in offline mode…I will check but when i first up graded to this version it would connect i didn’t have any problems at first…This sucks I am just very frustrated…

@REGGIE12 Hmmm, that’s weird.

How long has it done this for?

I’d just uninstall your version, download the latest version from the Horizon hompage and install that.

I have been tryin to get this to work now since Feb…I did exactly that lastnight an I still get the same result…

@REGGIE12 Have you tried it on a different Operating System like Windows 7/8.1/10?

I don’t think my puter will run anything else…I know its old but i can’t believe that all of the sudden it wont connect now…