Horizon is offline

It says horizon is currently running in offline mode
you have limited access to modding tools
I’ve tried everything so far and i still cant get it to work

Please define 'everything’
Also, have you added an exception for Horizon in your Firewall and Anti-virus?

Doesn’t that mean it’s just in offline mode?

Have you tried temporarily disabling your antivirus and then running Horizon? Your antivirus or firewall may be blocking Horizon’s access to the internet. If you can’t resolve the issue using the above information try the following procedures,

1. Go to Start > go on CMD and type Ipconfig/flushdns
2. Run Horizon a second time.
3. Still not fixed? Allow an exception in all Anti-virus and firewalls.

Let me know if you’ve got it working or if it’s still playing up. I would also recommend running Horizon in Administrator mode for the second step. Try running in compatibility mode too.

The flush dns
and yes ive done both of those

Try re-downloading Horizon from here.

Do you have TeamViewer?
If not download, install and PM me the User ID and teamviewer password.
I’ll connect and look at the issue :smile:

still the same error

ok will do :smiley:

hmm weird thing is it doesnt work on my laptop either :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me your new teamviewer password.

how do u run admin or compadability mode

To run as Admin right click on Horizon’s shortcut icon and click Run as Administrator.

To get to compatibility mode selection right click on Horizon’s shortcut icon and click on Properties, then the Compatibility tab.

Compatibility Mode

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